Petit Fours and Finals.

So I guess I’m kind of bad keeping this thing updated. I’ve thought about updating so many times, but have just been busy or lazy.  But I am happy to say I have made it through the first section of school (Breads, Breakfast pastries, Petit Fours).  I’m going to be honest and say petit fours was probably my least favorite of the three, but it was still fun nonetheless. As much as I struggled with rolling out my sweet dough, and my piping skills could improve, I am happy I learned the basics. We made several different small tarts, French macarons (my favorite), pate a choux (eclaires, salambos, paris brest), madeleines, opera cake and financiers. I was stoked to learn how to make macarons, and am completely in love with them. I’m sure a lot of you have noticed the increase in popularity of the French macaron, which is great. Making macarons is a lot simpler than I had expected it to be. It is a process just like most of the petit fours are, but its definitely worth it.

here are some of my favorites petit fours that turned out great:

macarons with a buttercream filling

apricot tart with almond cream.

chocolate financiers

opera cake

raspberry and buttercream filled macaron

fresh fruit tart.

As for finals — I had exams Wednesday up until Friday. I can honestly say I’m not too sure how I did, as I did have a few mess ups on day 1 and 2. I was upset with myself, because they were minor mistakes that could have been prevented if I had been more careful. But mistakes are good, because I know I learned from them. It was hectic on day 1, everyone kind of running around the room trying to scale their ingredients, then having to work with our table mate on who would do what first because of the fact that we had to share a mixer and convection stove. I think my partner and I were organized pretty well, and by day 3, everything was running smoothly. I am kind of glad I had to perform this final first versus ice creams, or chocolates, because there was a lot of organization we had to have, and we really had to have a set schedule because of things that had to have time to proof, bake, etc. It made me think about food challenges on tv, and how organized they have to be, and I give them all props for doing what they do. It’s rough, and I will admit that. But alas, I am extremely happy my first finals are over, and am excited to move onto the next section in pastry school: CAKES! so stay tuned =]

    • Rachel
    • August 23rd, 2010

    YAAAAYYY!!! the pictures look GREAT! and I can say first hand that the raspberry macarons were AMAZING! YUMMERS!

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