happy 2010

happy 2010 everyone. i apologize for not being very active on my blog the last few months of 2009. it’s not that i wasn’t cooking or baking, i was just lazy. i’m hoping that i’ll be better about my blog in 2010 =) the last few weeks of december turned out to be pretty busy, as i got rehired at starbucks, and started selling baked goods. sadly i’m not at my old store, but the new store is fine, my coworkers are cool people, and i don’t have to deal with customers screaming into my ear through a headset which is a big plus. as for the hungry panda bake sale, i haven’t gotten numerous amounts of orders or anything. but it was nice to have some pocket cash in exchange for delicious goodies. i hope all of my customers were pleased. in my last entry i noted some of the items i was selling. well the big seller were these bad boys:

yep. those are the carrot cupcakes w/a cream cheese frosting on top. yum-o. the bf still has not tired of them which is really nice to know! i also had this on my list of items being sold:

that right there is my seriously delicious chocolate cake. it is…seriously delicious. there was no better name for it. moist chocolatey goodness is all i can say about that. red velvet cupcakes, who doesn’t like them? okay honestly, i used to not really care for them, but then i came upon a great recipe, and the frosting which is realllly what makes a cupcake amazing. they are really a great christmas treat. then came along the brownie cupcake: tastes like a brownie, looks like a cupcake. topped with a mocha-licious frosting. here was the largest order i fulfilled, which consisted of three dozen cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip and snickerdoodles), a dozen carrot cupcakes, a dozen red velvet cupcakes, and a dozen brownie cupcakes.

special thanks to tiff & jason for being my best customers =)

i picked up Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s "Vegan Brunch" cookbook last week, and  i decided to bake something yummy from the book and opted for the East Side Coffee cake – which i made with blueberries. at first i felt the crumble on top tasted a bit dry. but a few hours later i had another piece, and it tasted wayy better and delicious. so tip, don’t serve right away, wait an hour or two. as much as everyone loves a hot delicious pastry fresh out of the oven, i advise you to not do that with these =) the cake itself was perfectly moist, and it was not too sweet. i used frozen blueberries, which worked out fine. well, i hope you all have a great new year, and lets hope i keep up with my blog this year!

    • melissa
    • January 3rd, 2010

    um, those brownie cupcakes were AMAZING.

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