sheeBAKES. get it? well if you don’t then you don’t know my name is Sheena. and Sheena bakes. =P

anyways. i haven’t updated this blog in about 2 months, and figured i should. it’s not that i haven’t been cooking, or baking, or eating for that matter (i have been doing a lot of all three). and i can’t really say that i’ve been busy, because really i haven’t, i’ve just been lazy. i still haven’t gotten a job, so i’ve had plenty of time to do some baking, and i have decided to sell some baked goods for the holiday season, just so i can earn a pretty penny or two. i’m hoping to get my logo done up by this weekend, and make up a flyer to pass out to get the ball rollin’. i’m still finalizing the list of goodies i’ll be providing, and i will have a finalized list posted on my blog hopefully very soon. so with that said, i’m hoping it won’t be a total disaster, and that people will enjoy what i can offer. i’m not perfect, far from it, but i’m definitely learning.

here are just a few things that i will be selling:


shortbread cookies:

only the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies:

carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting:

here a some a couple things that didn’t make the cut:

Madeleine cookies

these turned out too heavy, with a very bread-y texture, not a light buttery taste to it. i will have to perfect my madeleine’s, but i don’t think they will be selling for quite some time. i definitely aim to perfecting them, because i do love love love madeleine’s, i just know it will take time.

Mexican wedding cakes/Russian tea cookies/Snowballs

whatever you want to call them — these are really nice tea cookies, and around this time of the year, they are very popular, and the ones i did make were not bad at all, but they were not great either.

i’m pretty sure i will be adding one or two more cookies to the list, as well as a cake and a pie — and hopefully by this weekend i can post those as well.

in other news – i finally got what i’ve been dreaming of for so long:

my sister in california sent me my early christmas present / a thank you for helping her out with the baby for a few months. =) i’m happy to say that it has made my life significantly better, and i cannot see myself without one, now that i have experienced how lovely it is. i have yet to buy attachments for it such as the ice cream maker attachment, and the pasta rollers — but am definitely expecting nothing short of awesome from them.

tomorrow i have a big day of baking samples of my goods for my mother to hand out to her friends. gotta get my name out there =) i also plan on testing out a few other recipes to see if they make the cut.

well i hope to get this blog updated more often, perhaps this weekend if i’m not too busy baking (or doing last minute school work). bye bye now, fellow readers.

    • Natalie
    • December 24th, 2009

    Wow, this is so amazing!! Those carrot cupcakes look wonderful–EVERYTHING looks wonderful! i was wondering if you were gonna put cream cheese icing on them, and of course, you are!
    You are such a smart girl–baking samples for your mom’s friends, that fancy doodad for Christmas! Those attachments you’re gonna get sound fabulous! Mmm ice cream and pasta. Haha, congratulations on your new endeavor! I am definitely gonna take advantage of the new business. :p Keep it up, Sheena!

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