been gone far too long

to all my 2 viewers, sorry i haven’t updated my blog in a couple months! it’s not that i haven’t been cooking or baking, i’ve just been either too lazy to update, or nothing was that noteworthy to blog. well tonight i think it’s blogworthy. tis the season where leaves begin to fall to the ground, where sweaters and boots are dawned, and where we just want some good comfort foods to soothe after a long day. it was a rainy day today here in the easy bay area of california. rained hard all day, and it was just the perfect day to have a nice big hearty bowl of chili (with cornbread of course!). chili is great. i have never made it prior to today, and i am extremely happy with the results.  i got the original recipe from here. i saw how the chili called for mesquite bbq sauce and my favorite…chocolate! i have heard of putting chocolate in chili, as well as other things such as beer and orange juice. i made the recipe into my own by adding half a bottle of New Blegium Hoptober beer, a splash of orange juice, and twice the amount of chocolate. the beer and chocolate really did make a huge difference. the orange juice, since it was so minimal didn’t do much, but i’m sure i will try it again in the future. the chili was not too spicy, but it left a good fire feeling in your mouth. and as for the cornbread, mmm, thats all i have to say.

pot o’ chili


sprinkle that chili with some raw onion and shredded cheese mmm.

delicious, isn’t it? i was really disappointed i forgot to put the best garnish on top of the chili..avocado! since it goes great with everything. i bought avos just for this purpose! ah well.

anyhoo, here’s another comfort food that i cooked up a couple weeks ago, that i was too lazy to post.

country fried steak, onion roasted potatoes (and broccoli) =] . was mm mm good!
recipe from here

    • pily
    • October 13th, 2009

    cook for me!!! =] your food looks yummy!!!

    • Ate
    • October 14th, 2009

    I’m still waiting for your cookie pies!

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