indoor grilling

seeing that i had a few vegetables that are good for grilling, i decided to whip out the grill — the george forman that is. i couldn’t decide what i wanted to grill so i did a few: portabello mushroom, zucchini, eggplant and i even added tofu just for the heck of it. and i decided to get “creative” and grill some fruit on the stovetop grill. unfortunately the pineapple i bought the other day is gone, so i was left with apples and/or bananas. i did one of each.

so my photo editing can really use a lot of work, and so can my photo capturing. haha. but you get the idea.

i decided to make a wrap out of the veggies and brown rice.

and added to that wrap i of course had to put some fresh avocado and this hot sauce that i purhchased a month or two ago:

the hot sauce is not hot at all, and it has more of a curry-like taste, which i find yummy for sure. i can definitely taste the cumin!

grilled cinnamon apple slices and banana w/shredded coconut:

the banana was tricky. it was very mushy and hard to get off the grill, but it tasted yummy. on top of the apples i sprinkled cinnamon, and on both fruits i drizzled agave nectar. i really wanted to use honey, but apparently we’re all out!

then earlier today i felt like baking something simple, and i’ve had this recipe bookmarked that i’ve been wanting to try for toasted coconut shortbread. here are the results:

toasted coconut shortbread, recipe from here

they taste great dipped into tea, or coffee whichever you decide.

for other grilling ideas, visit HERE where it’s grilling week!

    • Natalie
    • December 24th, 2009

    holy crap, this is really creative! Major points!

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