late update

here’s a few things that i have made in the past few weeks:

happy mother’s day! and birthday to tony! giant cupcake-cake. and it’s not your typical cupcake or cake! it’s a cream cheese pound cake with a lemon frosting. recipe for cake from here and recipe for the frosting from here

Linguine Primavera with Goat Cheese.

altered recipe from Whole Foods
i did edit the recipe: i didn’t have asparagus which the recipe called for, and i used basil leaves instead of mint.

edamame guacamole.

recipe from whole foods
i tried to make my own tortilla chips to go along with it, but i didn’t wanna wait long enough, so they were kind of chewy, but if i waited and made them properly, they would have been good =)

so none of the above foods are vegan. (wait i lied. the edamame guacamole is) but still vegetarian if you don’t mind eating cheese, or having eggs in certain recipes. i’m sure all of the above can be altered to your specific diet whether it be vegan or not. the edamame guacamole was reallly good. it didn’t come off really heavy like most guacamole does, and it was tasty for sure!

    • Natalie
    • May 21st, 2009


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