salad days.

so i realized i need to eat more salads. i eat vegetables, but not enough raw vegetables. today i did pretty good on eating..i didnt wake up until about 12:30, so by 1 o’clock i fixed myself up a green smoothie consisting of baby spinach, banana, frozen mamey pulp, and plain soy milk. it was delicious and creamy goodness. then i snuck a cookie in between then and dinner time. for dinner, salad! i finally got around to going to the market to get some veg and fruits. i didn’t have a specific salad in mind, except all i knew is i wanted red cabbage in there…oh and avocado. i pretty much took whatever vegetables i had gotten and made it into a salad. here’s the end result.

i’m calling it the loaded salad. cause it is just loaded with goodness. i figured bananas would be a nice touch…and it sure was! i have never had bananas in a salad [unless a fruit salad] and i think i want bananas in my salads always and forever. so good to take a bite into that banana goodness. for the dressing i blended up half an avocado with half of a serrano chili pepper, half of a tomato, some lemon juice and cilantro. it was delicious, but i put too much of that chili pepper, my mouth was burnin the whole time. but it was good :]

here’s what my salad actually consisted of :
chopped up romaine lettuce
red cabbage
green cabbage
button mushrooms
shredded carrots
garbanzo beans

it was delicious and i loved every bite.

i couldn’t finish or else i thought i would explode! [but then how did i end up having room for a cookie? cause there is always room for a cookie].

salad days are here because summer is near. i just made that up. pretty good huh?

    • Natalie
    • May 10th, 2009

    whoa sheena. that is a crazy salad. i do love your little rhyming slogan at the end, lol.

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