comfort foods

so i haven’t been cooking much lately, if anything it was just a quick stirfry…but mainly just been eating simple foods. so thought i would make something today. i stumbled upon a “meat”loaf recipe yesterday, and it looked really good, and i had all the igredients for once! so i figured it was perfect to make. along side it, what could go better with meatloaf other than mashed taters, and brussel sprouts! mmm. for once i did not have to make a stop at the grocery store [even though i need to cause we’re lacking some fruits & veg over here].

tvp meatloaf [for all of you who don’t know what TVP is, its “textured vegetable protein”] and its used as a meat replacement in a lot of recipes. recipe from here

the garlic mashed potatoes recipe was from Robin Robertson’s Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes cookbook.

when i was done eating all of this, i reallly wanted something sweet, and figured i would bake a batch of cookies. found a recipe that was very simple, so figured i would give it a shot.

oatmeal peanut butter choco-chip cookies recipe from here

the cookie is pretty rich with it containing peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips. but very good! serve w/ your choice of milk.

the meatloaf was surprisingly good, although it tasted more like a sloppy joe, than a meatloaf. wasn’t as firm, so if i feel like it, i can just mash up a bowl of it, and serve it on a bun as a sloppy joe. two meals in one =)

the garlic mash was yummyy. garlic makes everything better, and it could have actually used more!

the brussel sprouts were yummy. i didn’t have fresh ones, just frozen. so i boiled them first, then tossed some evoo on top of them with herbs de provance and popped em in the oven on broil for a few minutes. it was delicious. i think brussel sprouts may be a new favorite :]

    • Natalie
    • May 10th, 2009


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