sweet potato falafals, madeleine cookies, portabella burgers + asparagus carmelized onion salad

so i haven’t updated since my indian food fail. here’s whats been goin on:

baked sweet potato falafals. recipe from here

i didn’t have the proper ingredients to make the cilantro yogurt sauce that was noted, so i made my own using silken tofu, garlic, cumin, cardamon, dill, and tahini. it turned out pretty good, but i would probably try to use the soy yogurt next time to get a thicker dressing.

Madeleine cookies. recipe from here

i finally ordered a Madeleine cookie pan because tony’s been bugging me to make them…and i thought they turned out delicious. tony didn’t try them until the next day, and they already somewhat hardened, so he wasn’t too fond of them. next time i’ll have to make them and give em to him fresh. i didn’t modify the recipe to be vegan…i used eggs and butter, because i never made them previously, so i figured i should try modifying later on.

i also made a tomato basil rice, recipe from food network’s Ina Garten…no picture, but i thought it was quite tasty.

and today for lunch i made this:

asparagus carmelized onion salad. recipe from here

portabella burger from the cookbook “Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes” by Robin Robertson. it was reallly really good. tony said he’d eat it again, and he likes it more than the bean burgers i made before. so i think that means it was a win.

i think the whole meal went well togther, along with some potato wedges that i baked up again. if anyone wants to know the recipe for the portabella burgers just let me know and i will either post it or email it to you.

    • Natalie
    • April 14th, 2009

    I love asparagus! I’ve been eating it like crazy! :D

    • Gabby
    • April 14th, 2009

    mmmmm… sweet potato falafel. :)

    the asparagus looks quite nummy too.

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