indian food…fail?

so i decided to make indian tonight. i was super excited because i love indian food…and i was sadly disappointed with the turnout. i was making biryani

an indian rice dish, chana masala
— chickpea dish, and aloo parathas
— a type of bread. all sounds good, right? well..heres the turnout:

i put the chana masala and biryani on the aloo paratha to try to make it all taste better..somewhat better.
i didn’t even want to take pictures that would make the dish look good, because why put on a false impression?

i overcooked the biryani and it had a burnt taste to it. the aloo parathas were really bland. they were filled with a potato filling..but i think i would almost prefer them plain. and the chana masala was probably the best thing out of everything, but i ended up having to add starch to thicken the dish cause it was extremely watery, and it still needed something. all in all these are probably my least favorite dishes i have made so far for the hungry panda…unfortunately, because i love indian food! perhaps next time i will need to make something with a soy yogurt..something more creamy tasting.

i was left full, but unsatisfied..and would have been better off heating up some plain rice and black beans, or something of the sort. oh well! better luck next time =)

**edit. i just woke up from a nap and decided to have a bite of my food. it didn’t taste that bad this time! i think i usually enjoy my food the following day [or in this case, after a nap]. i think this happens because after i cook i’m usually tired and weary about what i’ve just made. so yea. not so bad after all…but still could have been better!

    • Natalie
    • April 9th, 2009

    Aw, I love chana masala and aloo parathas. Have you ever tried making tandoori chicken?! That has to be my all-time favorite NDN dish!
    This post makes me want to watch some Bollywood movies. Kaho Naa Pyaar hai!

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