breakfast is the bestest.

so today i decided i wanted a really delicious breakfast…something that you could get order at a diner that would make you feel like a complete blob afterwards. but, of course i was not going to go out to get some, so i decided to flip through some recipes i’ve saved, and found the perfect ones. all recipes came from the book “how it all vegan” and i can truly say it hit the spot. i decided on their biscuits, and mighty miso gravy..along with heavenly hashbrowns.

mmmm. yum-o!

i also decided to make a few “sausage” patties..which turned out alright, not amazing, but it went well with the whole meal.

the heavenly hashbrowns

i made some adjustments and added red chili flakes cause i didn’t have real chili peppers.

biscuits and gravy

you know. its really hard to make biscuits and gravy look really good, because the gravy always looks like slop. also my biscuits turned out deformed, but yummy nonetheless.

this is definitely something i will make again. i love love love biscuits and gravy…and who can say no to hashbrowns?

    • Natalie
    • April 6th, 2009

    lol “how it all vegan?” lolllllllll how cuute!

    you said yum-o.
    those hashbrowns really do look divine.

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