asian night.

korean jap chae. recipe from here

i ended up using the wrong type of noodles…twice. so better luck next time!

sushi rolls

filled with carrot, daikon, avocado and wakame (seaweed).


a japanese confection — mochi (a glutenous rice cake) filled with anko (red bean paste). you can use other fillings, like certain fruits. recipe from here

this was my first time attempting both the jap chae and daifuku. with the jap chae, everything was right, except for the noodles, which i think would have made a significant difference. but all in all it turned out decent. instead of using beef which the recipe normally calls for, i used baked tofu. the dish was a little bland, and actually tasted like more of a filipino pancit dish in the end.

the daifuku turned out yummy, but i need to work on folding up the little mochi balls, because the red bean paste would squeeze out sometimes. overall though im really happy i found the recipe , and that it’s so simple [microwave!] anddd its a lot cheaper than buying em at the store. :]

    • Natalie
    • March 26th, 2009

    1.Whoa! Again, this is really impressive, Sheena.
    2. Gosh, just last night I had sushi, and this + the Facebook pics of the sushi trip is really making me yearn for some frickin’ daggone sushi!
    3.Yes, the chop chae even LOOKS like pancit! Mmm…pancit.
    4. Haha, what a coincidence! I also had mochi last night! And that’s right, I hear shaping them is hard.
    5. Anko is so delicious, we sold some anko buns at our JAVCA bake sale last week.

    Aw frick, I need some more Asian food.

    • Natalie
    • March 26th, 2009

    Also, The pictures on this blog are just so lovely. What kind of camera do you use?

      • thehungrypanda
      • March 26th, 2009

      thanks natalie =)
      hooray mochi! and hooray sushi! i think i can just eat anko out of the can..which would probably be bad.

      but yeah, no special camera actually..just using my sister’s old sony digital cam. hopefully going to save up for a really nice one…soon! hopefully. =)

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